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Cell 911

Genre: Humor

This is a story about a prison system really run by the inmates, where sanity takes a back seat to job security. A prison story without the usual sadistic guards or total four-letter word speech. Cell 911 is the cell of the head trustee. This story is to the real prison world as Mash is to the Army Medical Corps.



The Electric Airplane

Genre: Action-Adventure

About a Navy Pilot on loan to the Army to help test and develop a silent plane that operated off the top of a large truck, that serves as a land type of carrier. Inter-service rivalry and a pert female truck driver combine with efforts to catch drug dealers. Could be good low budget film.



Neptune's Daughter

Genre: Humor and green stuff. 8,000 words.

Soon King Neptune, brother to Zeus will end his long sleep. Many of his subjects under water are lined up waiting to air complaints about the land people. His daughter, the goddess Diana, comes to warn about the King's wrath. She falls in with a Green-peace group; Beautiful Sea Witch follows her with other ideas. Part animation and use of weather footage could make a good film and light-hearted poke in certain eyes.



Justice, Tenn.

Genre: Humor, 8,000 words

Running Buffalo, the great half-breed, half-back football star, has fallen from grace by terrible crime. He escapes justice due to strange California Law. Rednecks in town of Noseeit, Tennessee need to change name of their town, RB was their only hero. A fund-raising mock hanging and trial gets out of hand due to a man-hating back woods gal.



Other Short Humor

Other short humor, such as Environmental Mouse Trap, The Naming of Skinny-Dip Pond, and Deer Tales, while published many times, are available. Synopses, manuscripts and outlines available for examination by serious parties.

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