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The  Rusty Series

The Rusty series is a set of three historical fiction books for young adults (age nine to ninety). Yes, there is humor!

Book 1: Rusty Son of Tall Elk

  • ISBN#: 978-1-9332-5543-9
  • Author: Charles H. Bertram
  • Price: $8.95 (US Dollars)

Rusty Son of Tall Elk is the story of ten year old Russell, nicknamed Rusty, a bright freckle-faced farm boy, who is captured by Cheyenne Indians in 1858. His flaming red hair saves his life. A chief has a half-breed daughter, Late Setting Sun, with red hair. It would be big medicine to have both a boy and girl with the red hair. Rusty daydreams of adventures with himself as the hero, thanks to all his reading.

His new sister is one inch taller, one year older and until Rusty arrived, has been the most special person in the tribe. An exhausted Rusty first meets his sister when she is given the routine chore of getting him properly dressed as a Cheyenne to meet the chiefs and elders. His shyness and both of their stubbornness clash.

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Book 2: Adventures of Rusty, Son of Tall Elk

  • ISBN#: 0-7414-5213-8
  • Author: Charles H. Bertram
  • Price: $12.95 (US Dollars)

Rusty, has been with the Cheyenne that adopted him for three years. He fights horse stealing Crow and learns Indian ways, while struggling with questions of identity, white man or red Indian?

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Book 3: Corporal Rusty

  • ISBN#: 978-0-7414-5986-2
  • Author: Charles H. Bertram
  • Price: $14.95 (US Dollars)

Rusty tries to visit his white family, but Is wanted as a renegade, and ends up in the Civil War. He uses the fighting skill learned from the Cheyenne, is wounded, discharged, and makes a trip to Ireland to rescue his Indian Sister. Then he must made a dangerous trip to the land of the Blackfeet.




Bikini Wednesday

  • ISBN#: 0-7414-5716-4
  • Author: Charles H. Bertram
  • Price: $15.95 (US Dollars)

Fatimah, an American Muslim girl, wears a bikini to a beach as a protest. A surfer takes a picture of her and puts it on the internet. Her world is turned upside-down as she runs for her llife from family,  Muslim men, and paparazzi. Also included are other short stories that have been published.

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Stone Bear

  • ISBN#: 0-7414-1991-2
  • Author: Charles H. Bertram
  • Price: $15.95 (US Dollars)

Stone Bear is a historical fiction action-adventure. It is an American tale of an Irish poacher and his struggle against English rule, when even the use of their Gaelic language was forbidden. He finds life with the civilized Cherokee better than the life of an Irishman in the big cities. He is soon called the White Cherokee. He and his family fight against race domination, from the white man's demand for land and gold to when his great-great-grandson, Stone Bear, must deal with the Japanese during World War II. An old family tomahawk holds the key to a missing gold mine in the 1950's.

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Stone Bear and the Magic Bullet

  • ISBN#: 0-7414-2783-4
  • Author: Charles H. Bertram
  • Price: $12.95 (US Dollars)

A new sequel to Stone Bear...

District Attorney Martin heard the shot that murdered Judge Foster. He was on the bridge driving to the judge's cabin. Ballistics experts say the slug that killed the judge came from the .38 Colt owned by the D.A. A gun that was in his briefcase at the time of the shooting!

D.A. Martin calls his own private investigator, ex-FBI agent Webster and his partner, Cherokee tracker, Stone Bear...

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Chipped Beef on Toast, SOS

  • ISBN#: 0-7414-1554-2
  • Author: Charles H. Bertram
  • Price: $13.95 (US Dollars)

Chipped Beef on Toast, SOS, now a revised collection with 26 stories, is a collection of mostly humorous stories about life in the military. While some are based on the author's adventures, most are the result of interviews with veterans. This is a work of fiction. Veterans will, however, recognize as real or possible the many crazy things that can happen. The story of Stone Bear is different. While it may offend many Japanese, it deals with issues that need to be remembered.

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