Charles H. BertramWhile in High School in East St. Louis, Charles H. Bertram joined the Army National Guard, then the Air Force. He worked his way through Southern Illinois University as a photographer. While teaching in Special Education he started an apple orchard, raised three adopted children and found time to put into writing some of his military stories and after dinner speeches. He sold his Pennsylvania farm in 2001 and moved to Florida to write.

Natural born storyteller Charles H. Bertram made the transition from after-dinner speaker to published author with his first book, Chipped Beef on Toast, SOS, a collection of his published short stories of military humor. His epic novel Stone Bear, like the Rusty series, finds a common ground between the American Indians and the Irish. He lives and writes in Florida. His writings are laced with humor and so authentic many are surprised to learn they are fiction.

Charles H. Bertram is available as a speaker to clubs and organizations. He is a past member of Toastmasters. He has a humorous 15 to 30 minute talk that gives motivation and tips to encourage others, especially geared towards encouraging veterans to write and save their experiences. Charles does not charge for the talk, but asks for the opportunity to sell copies of his books. There is a mileage fee for locations over fifty miles from Ormond Beach, FL. Send requests to the author from the contact page.